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At Elsecar Nursery we are proud to show and tell all about the fun things we do to learn and grow.

Our topic was 'feelings and behaviour'. This is our 'we can use manners' display.

Our Topic was Pets. The children and staff brought in photos from home of their pets.

We offer the children a range of jigsaws to aid development their fine motor skills.

We offer the children chalk boards and chalk (along with other writing, drawing tools) to aid develop their mark making skills.

We offer a range of small world activities to aid develop the children's Understanding of the World.

On our first week back we celebrated Autumn. Look closely and you will see that the tree is made from all the staff members hand prints, the leaves are made from the children's hands and the squirrels and hedgehogs were the children's own art work. Expressive Art and Design is evidenced on this display.

Sand, pasta, flour, and other means of investigation are offered to the children on a daily basis to develop their physical, skills.

These are our 'Pet rabbits' - look closely and you will see that they are not real-We all talked about how to care for them. This helps to develop Communication and Language skills

Our pets Topic. The children and staff brought in photos from home of their pets.

This is our Reading area display of one of the children (and staff members) favourite book.

We Play, Learn and Grow at Elsecar Nursery

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